About Me

I was born in Arizona, and have lived in the Phoenix area my entire life. I currently live in the Northwest Valley with my amazing wife and our husky, MacReady. Aside from my love of arcade games and pinball, I have several other interests and hobbies.

Since childhood, I’ve been borderline obsessed with Halloween, horror, and all things spooky. I cohost a weekly podcast about horror movies, so if you dig horror and don’t mind colorful language, check out “The Swearwolves” wherever you listen to podcasts. We’re also on YouTube.

Music is my other big passion. I’ve released several albums on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and pretty much all of the usual music streaming platforms. My instrumental music can be found by searching “Aaron Moya & David Thompson” wherever you listen to music. I’m also in a band called 30 Fathom Grave. Check us out if you like bands like Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Failure, etc.

I also enjoy collecting original horror movie posters (and getting them signed at conventions), records, going to concerts, going to the gym, hiking, traveling, and brewing beer.

If you ever spot me at an arcade event or just out and about, please say hi!

with Neve Campbell at Mad Monster Party Arizona 2022