Room 237 – The Upstairs Game Room

When I got the green light from the wife to put some games in our spare upstairs bedroom, I decided to go with a classic 80’s theme – both in the game selection as well as the decor. I painted all of the walls brown (except the closet, which is red) and then taped off and painted stripes that wrap all the way around the room.



I’m a big horror movie fan, and in keeping with the spirit of trying to have my game rooms have unique entrances, I painted the white door to the room brown and then added the numbers “237” to the door, in homage to a particular room in The Shining. I also grabbed a room key for the door lock and put up a photo from the (spoiler alert) final shot of the movie.






I also ordered some rugs with the pattern from the hallway in the movie:



I covered the entire room with it, but to be honest: it never looked quite right, and it was a huge pain to move games around on it – so I removed it. One day, I hope to try it again, but spend a bit more on something heavy-duty.

The games in Room 237 right now are BerzerkJoust, Sinistar, Satan’s Hollow, Tron: Legacy, Star Wars Premium, and my Halloween Collector’s Edition.