The Pirate Bar & TV Lounge Area

Along with wanting to someday own an arcade game, I always thought it would be cool to have a pirate bar in my house. The initial setup was pretty straightforward: a pirate flag, a bar, and a life-sized pirate guy to stand next to it. That was pretty much the extent of the setup for several years.

The problem was that the liquor bottles always wound up taking up most of the bar top, making the bar itself rather useless. Over the 2015 holidays, my dad and I built a shelving system to hold all of the bottles. To make it more piratey, we put a big skull in the middle, added some crossbones, and backlit the space between the slats with color-changing LEDs in order to give it some mood. The LEDs are remote controlled, so you can configure the lights to virtually any color combo you like.

Also in the bar, are three wine barrels that I’ve rigged to two different kegerators, allowing me to always have a few available beer selections on tap.

I mounted a TV up in the corner, so that we can enjoy a movie or a game while we relax in the bar.  It’s a nice way to wind down after a day of work.

I’ve had a bunch of arcade games in the bar over the years (I really miss my Tapper and Ice Cold Beer machines – they fit the theme nicely).