Arcades, Parts, and Artwork

Any sites linked below are ones that I’ve personally done business with and would recommend to others, are friends of mine, or are run by forum members at KLOV that I would trust.

Local AZ Arcades

Cobra Arcade Bar – Located in downtown Phoenix, Cobra is the coolest place in town to grab a beer and play some games (and there’s a great selection of both). The bar itself is awesome, and the arcade games take it to the next level.  The lineup changes pretty regularly, but you just might find one of my old games here.

Starfighters Arcade – Located in Mesa, Starfighters is my favorite arcade on the east side of town. Family-friendly, with a huge selection of games – including some of my old games. Starfighters hosts lots of IFPA pinball tournaments.

Castles ‘N Coasters – I’ve been coming to this place since I was a little kid (back when it was called Golf ‘N Stuff).  This is a local amusement park with a couple of roller coasters, mini golf, bumper cars/boats, go-karts, rides, and probably the largest arcade in the state.  They’ve got a good mix of classics (mostly upstairs) and modern games.

Video Arcade Game Parts & Artwork

Easy CoinUp – If your game doesn’t have Free Play, there’s no longer a need to coin it up manually or drill a hole in your coin door to add a button.  This is a $10 solution that should adorn every non free play game.

High Score Saves – The name says it all.  If your high scores reset every time you shut off your game, the solution to your problem may be here.  Not only that, but you’ll also find multi-game kits, shirts, posters, and more.  Fast shipping, too.

Phoenix Arcade – As far as artwork goes, Darin’s the best in the business.  Excellent quality and lightning-fast shipping.

This Old Game – Rich offers a wide variety of artwork, along with custom and one-off options.  They’ve got some sweet t-shirts, too.

Mike’s Arcade – A little bit of everything.  Good prices.  Fast shipping.

Arcade Shop – TONS of stuff at good prices.  Good customer service.  Fast shipping. – They sell exactly what you think they sell.  😉

Hobby ROMs – EPROM programming for video games and pins.  Good source for stuff like Free Play ROMs.  Steph’s in Canada, but you’d never know it because the shipping is pretty quick.

Quarter Arcade – A wide variety of stuff: new, used, NOS, PCBs, marquees, bezels, wiring harnesses, control panels, power supplies, etc.  Pretty much everything under the sun.  This is one of the first places I check if I’m looking for something relatively tough to track down.

Bob Roberts – The elder statesman of arcade parts and an encyclopedia of knowledge.  He doesn’t take PayPal or credit cards, but Bob’s the Real Deal Holyfield.  Buy with confidence.

Twisted Quarter – Lots and lots and lots of parts, both for vids and pins.

Twisty Wrist – Like Twisted Quarter: lots of stuff for both pins and vids.

Arcade CoinOp – Arcade Game Classifieds.  Arcade games, pinball machines, redemption games, jukeboxes, etc.  If you can put a quarter in it, you just might find it here.

Pinball Machine Parts, Mods, & Artwork

Pinball Life – A wide variety of parts, with great prices and fast shipping.

Marco Specialties – A broader selection than Pinball Life, but you’re typically going to pay a little more.

CoinTaker – LEDs, mods, and other odds & ends.  I have CoinTaker LEDs in my Tron, Walking Dead, and Scared Stiff machines.  Oh, and CoinTaker sells the “Red Tremor,” which is hands-down the most powerful shaker motor on the market. – Like, their product is in the name.  On top of standard LEDs and kits, they also offer really cool spotlight mods, as well as LED strips to illuminate the back panel and apron area of pins.  I have’s LEDs in my Monster Bash and Bram Stoker’s Dracula machines.

MI Pinball Refinery – Custom powder coating, mods, and more.  They do some really nice work.

Comet Pinball – I’ve only bought a handful of LEDs from these guys, but I’ve been pleased with their quality.

Color DMD – Yep!  They sell color Dot Matrix Displays.  They’re spendy, but they look incredible.  I have their LCD display in my Walking Dead, and LED displays in Scared Stiff, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Tron, Monster Bash, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Addams Family. Ridiculously fast shipping and outstanding customer service.  Worth every penny!

Mezel Mods – Pinball mods.  Cool, innovative stuff, that’s usually pretty reasonably priced.

Back Alley Creations – Cool pinball mods and custom powder coating.

Little Shop of Games – A good source for pinball plastics and other odds & ends.