Ghostbusters (Premium)

I’ve been a fan of Ghostbusters since I first saw it back in the mid-80’s. I wanted to be Bill Murray. I think I still do.

My parents got me a Ghost Zapper projector toy for my kindergarten graduation present, I had a bunch of the action figures, played the board game, watched the cartoon series, and in an act of ultimate 80’s cheese, I even Pogo-Balled (remember those?) to the theme song at my elementary school’s talent show when I was around eight years old.

When I heard Stern was going to be making a pinball machine based on the first two movies, I was beyond excited. I acquire most of my games by following the old “buy low, sell high” principle, and this one could not have played out more perfectly.

As fate would have it, a friend of mine turned me on to an amazing deal that wound up yielding me enough profit to pick up a Premium model without paying a nickel out of pocket. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!

I’ve made a lot of modifications to this machine: Zombie Yeti art blades, Red Tremor shaker motor, Laseriffic Gozer topper, light-up Ecto 1, light-up “no ghosts” speaker grills, Slimer shooter rod, green and pink slime balls, yoyokopter ghost trap, flipper bat decals, scoop LEDs, Back Alley twinkie, terror dog, ghost flasher cover, airball protector, ghost ceiling projector, and extended slingshot plastic protectors. I also added a modification that Mezel Mods sells, which motorizes the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Check it out:

In November of 2017, I met Ernie Hudson at Phoenix Fanfest. Not only did Ernie play Winston in the Ghostbusters movies, but he’s also the narrator for the pinball machine. He told me that he’s got a Ghostbusters pin at home, along with a Congo machine (he played Captain Munro Kelly in that movie). He signed my translite, and was incredibly cool.

The game plays so smooth and fast, the light show is outstanding, the sound is great, it’s got some really cool interactive toys – and most importantly – it’s a blast! Knowing that it’s going to get even better with the final code update is just that extra bit of slime on the card catalog.  Time to prepare for the coming of Gozer!